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For over 40 years Farm Frites has dedicated itself to an ongoing program of specialist development in the breeding, selection, processing and packaging of potato products. Now, in many countries, we are the undisputed experts when it comes to frozen and chilled potato products. Farm Frites leadership position has been achieved thanks to an unrivalled passion for quality.

We expect to retain it by continuing to build on the values that have made Farm Frites what it is today: a truly global force. A vital link in the chain that starts with the potatoes of Europe, the Middle East and South America and ends on the plates by consumers all over the world.
Farm Frites was founded in 1971 as a family enterprise, which it remains to this day. An enterprise built on deceptively simple-sounding rural values such as purity, authenticity and agricultural abilities. An enterprise committed to care for the natural environment and to concern for the human side of business. An enterprise determined to serve the interests of customers, consumers, farmers and employees alike. An enterprise that has always fiercely pursued a single-minded long-term vision, and has maintained consistency in strategy. The result: considerable success.

Gabriel Antonio Cocca
Sales Manager
Juan Bautista Alberdi 431 Piso 14 (CP 1636) Vicente Lopez
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Phone: +54-9-11-3281-8125

ForceField Energy will provide all the Caribla franchisees a turnkey retrofit of your existing lighting to energy-efficient LED lighting products at no up-front cost and that will be 100% financed. This will immediately reduce your annual cost of electricity related to lighting by 50%-85% as well significantly improving your customer's dining "experience".
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Richard ST Julien
ForceField Energy
Centro corporativo Plaza Roble
Edificio las Terrazas A, Quinto Piso
Escazu, San Jose , Costa Rica
506-2505-5648 Off
506-6056-6660 Cell
ForceField Energy
245 Park Avenue, 39th Floor New York, NY, 10167
646-696-0604 Cell
212-672-1786 Off